What we do and why we do it

Our years of experience in the timber and construction industries have led us to believe that the huge potential of wood can only be realised through the development of good quality, differentiated products which can be demonstrated to deliver consistent enhanced performance. Investments in technology also need to be underpinned by an awareness of the environmental impact of products and the need for regulatory compliance at all stages.

With this in mind, our business exists to help other, larger companies with a similar outlook to realise the commercial potential of their wood based products through providing a range of independent technical, commercial and architectural services to help you ensure both quality and regulatory compliance in all that you do.

With over 30 years of experience in the wood protection industry, both as a company director and a leading industry representative in discussions on technical standards, quality and regulatory control, I run our business with my wife Jill, an Architect with many years of design and project management experience. During the course of my career I have represented industry at both a national and European level, including five years as Chairman of the Wood Protection Association, and I continue to be actively involved in industry level developments.

Gordon Ewbank